Sono Global

A fully integrated juice group with our own sourcing, production, supply chain management and sales businesses throughout the world.

We are producers

We control our own production to secure supply of product. We are working to create new opportunities and markets for growers around the world.

We are supply chain experts

Our supply chain services cover all packaging, logistics and value added services. We have our own personnel and facilities in strategic locations around the world.

We are proven

We focus on strategic partnerships with our business partners and we are now working in cooperation with these partners on various business improvement initiatives. With a strong financial platform Sono Global are making strategic investments to take advantage of market opportunities and to support the growth of our business partners.

We see the world differently

We believe that in a low-margin world, the consumer’s expectation of quality and price are being met every day. Good enough isn’t good enough anymore...

We need to be remarkable

It’s our customers that decide remarkable. We have an end-to-end understanding of the juice industry and our aim is to optimise the juice supply chain from seed to glass. We believe in remapping the very best experiences from other industries and applying it to our businesses.

We add value from end to end

We bring innovative new thinking to achieve incremental gains at every touch point across the supply chain for improved efficiency and profitability. Adding value from end to end.

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships

We believe in a collaborative approach through long-term partnerships with business partners, where we can work together to create win-win solutions. We aim to develop relationships that will continually improve and share in the incremental gains at every touch point across the supply chain.


Achieving long term sustainable growth

Sono Global has strong business values and we approach business with the aim to deliver sustainable long term value to our shareholders and business partners, as demonstrated through our company objectives…

  • Create sustainable shareholder value
  • Supply a broad portfolio of quality products to our customer’s at the most competitive prices.
  • Achieve operational excellence throughout our direct and indirect business processes.
  • Invest in strategic infrastructure to support our key business partners.
  • Undertake a continuous improvement program to ensure we always set the benchmark for our industry.
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with our core supplier group (with a truly unique proposition through collaboration).
  • Employ, retain and motivate the industry’s best people.

A fully integrated model

Through organic and acquired growth, we have developed a fully integrated juice group that encompasses sourcing, production, supply chain management and sales.


Across a global network

The Sono Global business is now truly international with our own presence in China, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, Brasil, Ghana and South Africa.

Offering a diversified product portfolio

Our core juice products include apple, pear, pineapple, orange, lemon, lime, pomegranate, various tropical fruits and many others.

To create a truly unique value proposition

With full visibility and control of the end-to-end supply chain, it enables us to provide our business partners with a truly competitive advantage to achieve:

  • Improved risk management
  • Reduced inventory across the entire supply chain
  • Improved customer service levels by reducing the variability in the supply chain
  • Shipments can be parcelled to meet customer orders and / or to support cash flow injections
  • World’s best practice implemented across the packaging solutions to improved flexibility
  • Our partners can provide a stronger portfolio of products with access to more markets
  • Through routing optimisation we reduce transactional and end-to-end transportation costs
  • Access to a global network of warehouses, blending stations and sales distribution channels
  • Reduction in the carbon footprint of the producers

Supporting our suppliers and their communities

We work closely with our supply partners and the farmers who grow our fruit around the world. We help them to produce in ways that benefit their businesses, communities and the environment.

We use our global knowledge of the agriculture source to work with local farmers, supporting them with the resources and expertise to help lower production costs, improve quality and crop yield. We use a range of recyclable and re-useable packaging and by improving energy efficiency, minimising use of natural resources and reducing waste.

Through our commitment to innovation in the supply chain we extend into new areas of supply, introducing new investment and trade. By opening up new markets and partnering with fruit farmers to sell their crops directly without having to sell through local buyers at lower prices, contributes directly to local economies and farming sustainability.

Greening the supply chain

As part of our sustainability commitment, we undertake to continuously reduce the ‘end to end’ carbon footprint of our products. Through our Greening5 strategy, we have developed a strategic approach to sustainability with a long term commitment to work with our business partners to:

  • Reduce energy and water consumption
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase the use of renewable energies
  • Enhance appropriate waste management

We help build supplier capabilities to maintain the highest standards for ethical business practices. This includes raising the standards of governance, disclosure, transparency of systems, process management and traceability.


Sono Brasil is the newest addition to the Sono Global Group. The facility produces a variety of citrus and tropical single strength, concentrate, clarified and ultra-filtered juices and purees. It is located 259 Km from Salvador and is close to the rich growing areas in Bahia state. Through our own state of the art laboratories, we are able to maintain strong quality controls to guarantee that our products conform to the most rigorous quality standards.


The Sono European office is based in Rotterdam close to our major juice entry points. This strategic location enables our team to be hands on with our product supply and quality management. Rotterdam also provides easy access to the large European juice customers. Our offices primarily act as the sales agents for our own products coming from Pinora and Sono Brasil. The core products that we are selling in Europe is conventional, organic and fair trade orange and pineapple juice.


Pinora is the largest fruit juice processing facility in West Africa with a daily production capacity of over 400MT. We have our own in-house cold storage facility, thereby ensuring that we maintain full control over our product security and quality. Our production site is also situated in a free trade zone, enabling us to provide blending hub services into the rest of West Africa, which is one of the fastest growing juice consuming regions of the world.

Our production facility is fully equipped to produce a wide range of products from aseptic to frozen, organic and conventional, NFCs and concentrates. The majority of our volumes are produced for export into Europe and the neighbouring West African countries. Our main products include orange, pineapple, lime, cashew and various tropical products.

More than a juice production plant, Pinora takes a responsible approach to business in Africa. We maintain close working relationships with the local farmers through our farm school programs. Through these programs we provide farmers with ongoing technical advice, training and access to credit facilities. We believe that through education and long term relationships, we can work to secure our sourcing to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of the best quality fruit.

Combining ongoing compliance with the strictest certification standards and the use of the latest laboratory technology, our team is dedicated to providing customers worldwide with the best quality products. Pinora is member of SGF and CROCFA, plus our business is certified by Flocert Fair Trade, Ecocert, EPA, FDA (USA) and KOSHER.

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