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Full range fruit processing

SONO owns fruit processing factories in Brazil and West Africa.

Our factories are powered by state-of-the-art equipment to extract the highest yield and deliver excellent quality. Each factory also has its own Quality Assurance Lab that meets the most stringent quality standards. This ensures that the control of processed products in the industrial plant and all production traceability is guaranteed.

Our geographic locations enable us to offer our clients a diversified supply. These capabilities are also bolstered by other bespoke solutions, including Toll Processing and Bottling.

SONO Brazil


240mt of Citrus fruits per day

540mt of Tropical fruits per day


Organic, Kosher, Halal, SGF, FDA (USA),

FSSC22000, Ecovadis

SONO Ghana


400mt of Citrus fruit per day

200mt of Passionfruit per day


Organic (Ecocert), Fair Trade (Flocert), Kosher, SGF, FDA (USA),

FDA (Ghana/Ecowas) and Halal


Sustainable bulk
packaging solutions

Sono uses returnable, re-usable and environmentally friendly package material in both our factories in Brazil and Ghana. The standard units used at both Sono Ghana and Sono Brasil are:

  • ORCA flexible IBC: 1000 lit + 1150 lit (can be stored 2 high)
  • ORCA plastic IBC: 1040 lit
  • Steel drums: 205 lit

(Sono Brasil: cylindrical / Sono Ghana: conical)

We have partnered with Maia, which supplies bulk liquid logistics and packaging solutions to the Sono group, as well as other third parties in the global freight market. They offer innovative solutions that ensure that they are the most cost-effective, functional and environmentally friendly partner in the industry.

Logistical support
you can trust

SONO has relationships with shipping lines and an established track record in moving goods across the globe. This means we can ensure that products are safely shipped to our clients in any place in the world. We have expert teams in each production country that deals with all the logistics. They can consolidate orders and also arrange orders that are less than FCL (full container load).

With our partnerships we have access to over more than 4.700.000 m3 of refrigerated capacity in Europe for temperature controlled food products (including fish, meat, fruit, fruit juices and concentrates, dairy and potato products). We specialise in storage, stevedoring, logistics, handling customs formalities and logistical IT solutions.


Global Reach


The SONO European office is based in Rotterdam close to our major juice entry points. This strategic location enables our team to be hands on with our product supply and quality management. Rotterdam also  provides easy access to the European customers. Our offices primarily act as the sales agents for our own products coming from Ghana and Brazil. The core products that we are selling in Europe are conventional and organic Acerola, Mango and other tropical fruit juices, purees and concentrates in cloudy, low pulp or clarified status.


The facility produces a variety of citrus and tropical single strength, concentrated, pulp-reduced and clarified juices and purees. It is located 259 Km from Salvador and is close to the rich growing areas in Bahia state. Through our own-state-of-the-art laboratories, we can maintain strong quality controls to guarantee that our products conform to the most rigorous quality standards.


SONO Ghana is the largest fruit juice processing facility in West Africa with a daily production capacity of over 400MT. We have our own in-house cold storage facility, thereby ensuring that we maintain full control over our product security and quality. Our production site is also situated in a free trade zone, enabling us to provide blending hub services into the rest of West Africa, which is one of the fastest-growing juice-consuming regions of the world.