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Sustainable growth and development

SONO has strong business values. We approach business with the aim to deliver sustainable, ethical values to our shareholders and business partners, as demonstrated through our company sustainability goals:

  • Develop a sustainable company culture.
  • Grow our community engagement.
  • Improve our sustainable operational standards.
  • Transition to circular processes.
  • Optimise waste use in agriculture and production.
  • Minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Maximise our knowledge of our supply chain and ensure transparency.
  • Improve the lives of our stakeholders.

Sustainable Farming

SONO has established quality relationships with farmers around the world. By helping them to produce more sustainably, SONO is able to contribute to the development of local businesses, communities and the environment.

We work closely with our local famers, supporting them with resources and expertise to help lower production costs, and improve quality and crop yield.

Through our commitment to innovation in the supply chain, we extend into new areas of supply, introducing new investment and trade. By opening new markets and partnering with fruit farmers to sell their crops directly, without having to sell through local buyers at lower prices, contributes directly to local economies and sustainable relationships.

In addition to the uplifting the sustainable standards of our supply chain, we have introduced innovate, sustainable agricultural practices on our own farmland. Using data driven management techniques, we are working to minimise resource use enhance natural functions in order to maximise agricultural productivity.

Our sustainability

As part of our sustainability commitment, we have developed an strategy for sustainable development. Our goals outline the core commitments SONO has identified for improvement in line with our company values, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the material topics most relevant to our stakeholders.

Through establishing our sustainability goals, we have been able to determine measurable targets to  provide us with a strategic approach to long-term sustainability. This enables us to improve upon our core commitments alongside our direct and wider impacts.

To help us track our progress, SONO have initiated a comprehensive sustainability reporting structure, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. Since 2022, we have been reporting on our management of 13 material topics; the socioeconomic areas that are both important to our stakeholders and significantly influenced by our business operations. The material topics on which we report are:

  1. Child labour
  2. Forced labour
  3. Safe and healthy products
  4. fair and inclusive employment
  5. Supplier social performance
  6. Occupational health and safety
  7. Supplier environmental performance
  8. Waste production and management
  9. Water stewardship and effluent management
  10. Local communities
  11. Soil health and retention
  12. Greenhouse gas emissions
  13. Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation

We help enhance supplier capabilities, in order to maintain the highest standards for ethical business practice. This includes raising the standards of governance, transparency and traceability, equality, process management and procurement.

By incorporating a sustainability strategy into our business, we are confident that we can achieve a positive and sustainable future for SONO and the communities in which we operate.

Download the 2022 SONO Sustainability GRI Report here: SONO 2022 Sustainability GRI Report

Download the 2023 SONO Sustainability Dashboard here: Sono 2023 Sustainability Dashboard

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Sustainability Projects

Listed below are examples of our commitment to a sustainable future.

We are certain that the incorporation of our sustainability strategy

will lead to the enhancement of our current and future projects.


Supply chain data collection

We have worked alongside an impact data collection company, 60 Decibels, with the aim of improving the understanding, communication and contact with our farmers and suppliers. Critically, the data collected will highlight areas where we can provide more assistance to our farmers. This data will also assist us assessing how we can make a more meaningful impact to the lives of our suppliers, bringing about a positive improvement in individual and community well-being. We aim to expand upon this initiative by integrating the SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) into our supplier screening process, in order to maximise our knowledge of our supply chain.

GIZ Partnership

In April 2023, Sono Ghana agreed a partnership with the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) for Sustainable Citrus and Passion Fruit Production & Processing. Together, a sum of over 578,000.00 EUR, between March 2023 and March 2025, will be invested into sustainable development and job creation initiatives in Ghana. These projects include:

  • Mapping, training and resource provisions for over 1000 orange orchards.
  • Association strengthening (in conjunction with the OGA).
  • Potable water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Waste management and composting
  • Irrigation system support
  • Fertilizer and PPE for farmers

Arms Around The Child Partnership

In Ghana, SONO has collaborated with the international charity Arms Around The Child to enhance Becky’s Home Orphanage and empower young adults. Our apprenticeship program, Fruitful Futures, integrates young adults into various operations, offering valuable work experience and aiding their transition to independence. SONO also contributes to the growth of Becky’s Home food forest, a sustainable agriculture initiative that provides the home with food and offsets the carbon footprint of international volunteers. Through our partnership with Arms Around The Child,, we demonstrate our commitment to improving the well-being of the communities we serve.

Reducing plastic waste in Ghana

Addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution stemming from our reliance on single-use plastic water bottles and sachets, SONO has taken proactive steps. Through strategic investments in reverse osmosis filters in Ghana, we have successfully transformed tap water into a safe and potable alternative, leading to a remarkable 80% reduction in our plastic consumption.

Forest and mountains in distance

100% Renewable Energy in Brazil

We have been certified by Enel and The International REC Standards, as a consumer of energy that is 100% generated from renewable (hydroelectric) sources. This showcases our ongoing commitment to clean energy consumption and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Community Infrastructure Projects

We aim to initiate infrastructure projects in both Ghana and Brazil each year, making small improvements to the daily lives of our employees, farmers, and the local communities. Our most recent examples include:

  • an Aggregation bin installed in the Central Region, Ghana, assisting Lime farmers with harvesting and maintaining yield quality.
  • Gunter’s Bridge was established to connect the small town of Asamankese, Eastern Region, Ghana, with neighbouring towns and roadways, by traversing the Ayensu river.
    Infrastructure projects such as these have allowed social and economic development to flourish by improving the local quality of life and business.

Health Projects

In Brazil, we host annual healthcare weeks for our workers. The events are arranged to ensure an understanding of basic healthcare needs and provide necessary services as such. Facilitated through interactions with health professionals, psychologists and nutritionists who disseminate knowledge and awareness about chosen themes, as well as provide them with a healthcare package on the day. Recently, we have incorporated environmental awareness into our healthcare events, inspiring workers to act diligently for the environment as well as their health.

Initiatives for Change

We are continually striving for positive change both within SONO and for the communities in which we operate. We have established internal sustainability procedures, facilitated by the company Sustainability department. We look to improve sustainability education and communication throughout all avenues of the business. We believe positive impacts from projects such as these are a fundamental step towards the sustainable future we desire.