Ghana Factory


SONO Ghana

SONO Ghana is the largest fruit juice processing facility in West Africa with a daily production capacity of over 400MT. We have our own in-house cold storage facility, thereby ensuring that we maintain full control over our product security and quality. Our production site is also situated in a free trade zone, enabling us to provide blending hub services into the rest of West Africa, which is one of the fastest-growing juice-consuming regions of the world.


Staff members

140 Factory

70 Farmers


Per day. Capacity: 400MT Citrus or 200MT Passion




Power generation. Solar – 50%  from renewable sources


Smallholder farmers supported


Impacted livelihoods

Limes are round, green citrus fruits and are a rich source of Vitamin C. Growing on trees, there are a number of lime variations, which reach about 6 centimetres in diameter.
The orange (Citrus) is a citrus fruit and originates from China. Growing on trees, the orange reaches a maximum of 10 centimetres in diameter.
Passionfruit (Passiflora edulis) originates from South America, specifically Southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina.
Ananas comosus, more commonly known as pineapple is a tropical plant, that is indigenous to South America and produces an edible fruit.