Passionfruit (Passiflora edulis) originates from South America, specifically Southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Coming from the passionflower species, passionfruit grow on vines and prefer tropical and subtropical climates. The shell varies in colour and size, with yellow shelled passionfruit’s being larger than the purple version. The inside of the fruit is filled with black seeds that are encased in a pulp. Farmers plant cuttings, and these being to produce fruit after 5 months. The plant then blooms and produces fruit again and again, until the end of its lifecycle. From flowering until the fruit is ripe, takes approximately 45 days and after 24 months, the plant is eradicated in industrial cultivation, given that the plant is then more susceptible to diseases.

Sensory Profile

Passionfruit Puree has a dark yellow / orange color. It has a very acidic taste with with some sweet and tart notes. Its flavor is very distinct and unique. It blends well with other tropical flavors like pineapple and mango but also citrus like orange.

Harvest Calendar

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Harvest Calendar

Passionfruit Life Cycle

Nutritional Values (per 100g)

Energy  213 kJ (51 kcal)
Carbohydrates 13.6 g
Protein 0.39 g
Total lipid (fat) 0.05 g
Fatty acids, total saturated 0.004 g
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated 0.006 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated 0.029 g
Fiber, total dietary 0.2 g
Sugars, total 13.4 g
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 29 mg
Calcium 4 mg
Iron 0.24 mg
Magnesium 17 mg
Potassium 278 mg
Sodium 6 mg
Water 85.6 g

*Source: Calculated internally using official online databases.