Honeydew Melon is part of the Cucumis melo species, which has been cultivated by selective breeding. The exact origins of honeydew melon are unknown, with research on the seeds tracing back to numerous parts of the world. Honeydew melon grow on a vine-like plant, preferring warmer, subtropical climates and can be identified by the smooth rind. Honeydew melons can be harvested approximately 3 months after planting.

Sensory Profile

Honeydew Melon Puree has a bright yellow colour with a hint of green. It has a sweet floral flavor and the aftertaste reminds of honey.

Harvest Calendar

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Harvest Calendar

Honeydew Melon Life Cycle

Nutritional Values (per 100g)

Energy    (36 kcal) 
Carbohydrates  9.09 g
Fat  0.14 g
Protein  0.54 g
Fiber  0.80 g
Sugar  8.12 g
Vitamin C  18 mg 
Thiamin  0.038 mg
Riboflavin  0.012 mg
Niacin  0.418 mg
Vitamin B-6  0.088 mg
Folate, total  19 mg
Calcium  6 mg 
Iron  0.17 mg 
Magnesium  10 mg
Phosphorus  11 mg 
Potassium     228 mg 
Sodium  18 mg 
Zinc  0.09 mg 

*Source: Calculated internally using official online databases.