GhanaOctober 18, 20210Arms Around the Child Complete Water Project


Arms Around The Child (AATC) believes in a world where Orphaned children can have their lives transformed into a bright future.

AATC provides them with the safe loving homes,education, stability and pride they need to survive in a lonely world. Most of the children are infected with HIV, abandoned, or at risk of child abuse. They show them they can survive and indeed rise from the ashes of their past.

One of the goals are empowering the Orphaned children of the world through programs and advocacy and to bring children’s rights into the spotlight and move Governments around the world to pay attention.

A key goal is to support the integration of children back into kind families and give homes to those who are alone. Protecting children from harm to find a pathway to their dreams is what AATC exist for.

Recently the Water Project at Becky’s Home in Senya Beraku was completed.

At Becky’s home AATC currently looks after 54 children, who have been orphaned, trafficked, or are disabled as well as 10 staff members Enough funds were collected to bore holes and generate water flow which goes straight into a newly installed tank.

“Not only has the completion of this project allowed the children and staff to have clean, safe, and filtered drinking water but also improved their health and hygiene standards through the connection to water taps for showering and in the kitchen. Thanks to Pinora/Sono whose continued support makes sure we can pay the wages of the staff and feed the children on a daily/annual basis at Beck’ys Home.” –Ellie Milner , Director , AATC

This will have a lasting benefit on the environment as it means water tankers or plastic water sachets no longer be needed.

SONO is very proud to be associated with the fantastic work that Ellie and the team at AATC do daily. Be on the lookout for exciting new partnerships in the future where we work together giving kids around the world hope and a better future.

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